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Support Groups
A Community Within

A brief history​

Back in 2004 it was suggested to launch something to help broaden the support network for Foster Carers in Stockport. That resulted in is known today as Stockport Foster Carers Association, or the SFCA for short. 

What's the Support Group all about?

Sometimes, talking to someone that understands the challenges of what you do as a Foster Carer and the complexities of your role is a breath of fresh air. Doing this with someone who's in the same situation as you could even be described as refreshing! Foster Carers from all backgrounds and experiences attend our Support Groups to do just this.

Can I talk openly?​

Speaking openly is one of the benefits of networking with other Foster Carers; they're also considerate of privacy & sensitive issues. At Support Group, you can talk more openly about certain subjects that you might not be able to with family members or friends. We provide a safe place where you can look for guidance as well as drawing on the knowledge and experience of your piers. Often  you'll find that others share the same frustrations as you and are able to help you deal with situations so that they no longer present a problem. People talk openly about their successes and accomplishments too, we like to keep everything positive when we can!

When and how frequent?

We meet during the week, often in the mornings at the home of an approved Foster carer at least once every two months, except during the Summer Holidays. Worry not, if you have children that aren't of school age, you can bring them along too - there's toys and plenty of space for them to play! We don't advise to bring anyone along that's of school age or above that isn't a registered Foster Carer or a Guest with prior approval to attend. The SFCA are also looking at hosting Virtual Support Groups so that members can get support in a group format from the comfort of their own home.

WhatsApp Support Group Chat

We do our best to embrace technology to support our members, including a WhatsApp group for our carers, this way you are able to get help and support 24/7 from both the SFCA and other carers. If you're a Foster Carer for SMBC and you are not yet a member of the group chat and would like adding, please complete the below enquiry form. Once verified a member of the SFCA will be in touch.

Covid-19 - Remote Support

Due to the ongoing pandemic, it hasn't always been possible to meet in person this year, however the SFCA have invested in a variety of methods which allow us to offer support remotely. Including the use of online meetings on Zoom, as well as relying heavily on our experienced members supporting each other in our Private WhatsApp Chat.

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