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Half term in lockdown - things to do to locally!

As the trees begin to blossom and sunrise is increasingly earlier each day, it's the time of year to get outside and explore... and there's no better time to explore Stockport this half term!

Feed the ducks at Etherow Country Park

George St, Compstall, Romiley, Stockport SK6 5JD

Etherow Country Park is located in a village called Compstall; between Marple and Romiley. The Park itself first of all started off as part of the “Andrews” estate originating in the 1820’s. At the time it incorporated a mine, a cotton mill and the lake. Later on in 1968 it became one of England’s first country parks, and now attracts over a quarter million visitors a year. They come to enjoy the natural beauty of ancient woodland along the river valley; in the foothills of the Peak District National Park. The park offers a good spot for bird watching; with more than a hundred species of birds having been recorded here. Its a good spot for nature study with the park having its own nature reserve, and 32 acres being designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest.


Outdoor play at Bruntwood Park

Bruntwood Lane, Cheadle, Stockport SK8 1HT

Bruntwood Park offers a play area of excellence to the Borough of Stockport and to visitors from the North West region. A fully accessible child's playground takes centre stage. It provides adventure and fun, with all the equipment carefully chosen and landscaped. Refreshments are offered at a refreshment kiosk. The park has a world class BMX race track that is free for anyone wearing the appropriate protective clothing.


Manchester Wizard's Spellbook Treasure Hunt

Manchester City Centre - £9.99 Digital Download

The Wizard’s Spellbook Treasure Hunt in Manchester is a self-guided tour through the city with a magical twist. With the choice of either an online trail guide or a hard copy sent by post, it couldn’t be easier to have a wonderful day out. This self-guided family Treasure Hunt can be enjoyed on any day of the year and at a time to suit you. Your only limitation is day light.

For more information and to book click here.



App based exploring and fun

Geocaching is an outdoor recreational activity, in which participants use a mobile device to hide and seek containers, called "geocaches" or "caches", at specific locations marked by coordinates all over the world. There are approximately 9,981 geocaches around Manchester to be found! To download the app click here!


Lyme Park

Disley, Stockport SK12 2NR

Lyme Park is a large estate located south of Disley, Cheshire. The estate is managed by the National Trust and consists of a mansion house surrounded by formal gardens, in a deer park in the Peak District National Park


Fun in your own garden!

Have some fun with these great Easter related games;

  • Egg Throw: Use boiled, plastic, or chocolate eggs for less mess. Stand opposite one another and throw the eggs back and forth, gradually moving further apart until someone drops it!

  • Egg and Spoon challenge: The classic relay race we all know and love. Done with chocolate treats, the winner gets to keep their egg and add it to their collection!

  • Egg Obstacle Course: Instead of the classic egg and spoon, use obstacles in your garden & go under tables, through tunnels, over cushions etc. and have some fun trying not to drop it!

  • Easter Egg Bowling: Draw a large Easter Egg on A3 paper with a clear mark in the centre and put in on the ground. Then, similar to a normal game of bowls, take it in turn to throw small balls (or eggs), trying to get as close as possible to the centre of the egg.


The Classic Easter Egg Hunt

Hide small chocolates or Easter toys around the home or garden.

Here are some top tips and suggestions on how to make an Easter Egg Hunt more engaging, if you have more than one child hide different colours of types of chocolates!

  • Older children could be given clues whereas younger ones a map to follow

  • Get ACTIVE. Instead of chocolates write activities on hidden cards that they have to do with each find (star jumps, sing a song)

  • Reverse Egg Hunt let the kids hide the eggs… and YOU have to look for them!

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