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Coram Voice

Coram Voice are here to provide advocacy services to children and young people in Stockport!

We support children and young people by:

  • Helping them to know their rights and entitlements as a looked after children, a child in need, if they are on a child protection plan or a care leaver.

  • Supporting them to attend their statutory reviews or meetings with their social workers to put forward their views, wishes and feelings in their own words.

  • Helping them to challenge decisions they may disagree with and empower them to make their own suggestions about what they want.

  • Supporting them to make complaints under the Children’s Act 1989.

  • Supporting homeless young people to access support and services.

  • Helping them to access legal advice around a range of issues.

Referrals are with the consent of children and young people and made via our National helpline 0808 800 5792

We also provide Independent Visitors;

  • Are volunteers who are DBS checked, interviewed and trained to be a friend to a child in care.

  • Are a service for children with little or no contact with their family.

  • Meet with a child or young person once a month do fun activities together such as going to the cinema, out of meals or for a walk in the park.

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